Prices of Petrol on the up

As we collect more and more vehicles from across London and the home counties, we have to start considering the rising costs associated with our service, aswell as efforts we can employ to make our service greener. The forever increase in petrol costs means that services closer to our depots, such as scrap car greenwich are more cost effective and also better for the environment, as our trucks travel less distance to collect vehicles.

Scrapping cars for cash is a huge drain on these types of resources and with the governments initiative of helping businesses become greener we are keen to make sure we are as green as possible.

If you have a car you want to scrap because its no longer road worthy etc, give us a call to find out how much we can pay to collect it.

Congestion Charge

The congestion charge creates a big problem when driving in and out of London. The policy was introduced February 2003 which applies when you drive in certain zones within certain times. The charge of the congestion fee has recently increased from £8 to £10 which means if it requires us to scrap cars  to Bromley from Surrey our drivers would be charged this congestion fee. We not only scrap cars for cash but also scrap metals and scrap parts for cash.

So realistically depending on the time of your selected collection our team may be responsible to being charged the congestion fee. Scraping cars for cash is a simple operation between you and the car collector because all is needed if you to hand over your car and keys and our specialised team to hand over the cash to you in return.  However consultation is required by our specially trained staff on scrap car prices which can simply be done by one call.

Low emissions zones

From the date of January 2012 large lorries and minibuses will need to meet the new Euro 2 Emissions rules and regulations to be able to drive into City of London. Those that are affected by the new Euro 2 Emission must be either registered a new or at least October 2006.

There are a small number of large vehicles that are exempt to this regulation for example, older vehicles built before 1 January 1973, vehicles operated by the Ministry of Defence.

So any person that is not registered 100% on the Low emission would get charged of a penalty. And those that are register after October 2006 and are not registered would be fined constantly until they are properly registered. Another alternative is that if the large lorry or minibus would be scrap cars for cash. The location that the car can be scraped is Scrap Cars in Bromley or Scrap Cars Sussex.

Demand on Petrol

The demand on petrol prices have increased rapidly within the small amount of 3 years from 85p per litre on average to £1.10 on average for a litre which is a massive 25p for each litre. This affects everyone around London including boroughs around Kent, London and Essex, so many of these people scrap cars in London.

The increase of petrol prices affect the potential decision made by the youngsters that decide or not to take driving lessons as they are afraid that once they pass their tests they are unable to afford a car and maintaining a car. However for lucky youngsters that can afford to pay for their lessons or those that achieve help from their families can help purchase a second hand car which in the future is able to use the service of scrapping cars for cash. This pattern is demonstrated to scrap cars Bromley.


Our Scrap Yards

We currently own scrap yards all around London which we are able to operate on a daily basis as we have room to scrap your cars.

We function around the South East of London, we Scrap Cars in Sutton, Scrap cars Newham, Scrap Cars Wandsworth and scrap cars Redbridge. We are willing to go to your house and collect the unwanted vehicle and scrap for cash. Nothing is needed to be done by yourself except a simple phone call to our specialist helpline who can assist and provide a scrap car prices.

Our Scrap yards are managed by skillful and specialised people who have a great immediate knowledge in what they do, so we will provide you with a high service that you will be satisfied of.

Scrapping parts

Although we scrap cars for cash, we also provide the service of scrapping parts off cars. This means any unwanted parts of a car is not needed from you, we are willing accept this and convert this to cash.

We accept parts from any car make including Ford, Renault, Nissan, Mazda, Peugeot, Rover, Toyota, Volvo, Volkswagen, Citreon, Fiat and Ford. It can be parts from lights to engines and mirrors to exhausts.

When we scrap our cars we are recycling metals and fluids in line with UK Legislation following certain rules and regulations to keep our environment friendly.

So depending on the parts it varies between £20-£80 for the unwanted parts.

So do contact us on 0203 405 1641 to scrap cars or scrap parts of your car by using our Scrap Cars Kent and Scrap Cars Essex services or for any quieres.


Scrapping a van

As well as cars, we also scrap vans for cash. Just like cars, vans are also involved in accidents, or simply run out of steam. We collect all manner of vans, including Transits, Sprinters, Short base and Long wheel base vans.

Depending on the size of the van and your location, we can pay up to £500 for your scrap van.  Scrap vans are few and far inbetween because of the value of the van, resulting in most getting them repaired, however we can collect vans using our special HIAB lorry which is equipped to carry up to 5 tonnes worth of weight.

If you have a van that you need to scrap for whatever reason, you can use our scrap cars for cash service.

Cars 2 Film Comes out to play

Although not directly related, a new film is out this week called Cars 2. The animation film is the follow up to the box office smash of Cars, which was released in 2006 by Disney Pixar Studios. The story tells of Lightning McQueen, a superstar racing car that realises life long values of friendship and loyalty.

In the sequal,  super star racer Lighting McQueen (voiced by owen wilson) goes to compete in a first edition world grand prix, however he hits a bit of a roadblock when his friend Mater gets caught up in some industrial espionage. Although not directly related to our scrap cars for cash service, a customer raised the subject yesterday which is cool for us given its related to our core business.



Check out the cars 2 trailer above, which is out officially this friday.

Cataltyic Converters being scrapped

Catalytic Converters are all the rage these days, purely because of the precious metals used to create them. Unknown to little, catalytic converters contain metals such as paladium and platinum, all of which are highly valued metals.

Because of this content, many catalytic converters are sold as scrap for good cash amounts, as their recylcing value is quite high. As we scrap cars for cash, we get a lot of cars which have catalytic converters on them which we can recycle for cash. Many customers ask us how much we will pay for a scrap catalytic converter, but the problem is that we would only buy original cats and not after market ones (something which we cannot check over the phone).

On average, we scrap around 40-50 catalytic converters per week, depending on how many cars we collect and the market rate. For a medium size cat, we would pay around £80, but for a large cat, for example something off a truck or a range rover, we could pay anything up to £180.

The business of catalytic converters is quite lucrative for customers, providing you can find the right buyer. If you have a cat, give us a call and we cna give you a price and collection time  (if you are in london).

scrapping cars in hackney

Scrapping Cars in Hackney is an easy job for us, considering we have our own scrap yard in Stratford, East London. Today we collected a Fiat Punto from Hackney, paying out a handsome amount of CASH to the customer. The vehicle had been in a serious collision and was completely written off, so the customer was happy to get shot of it.

Providing you have the LOG BOOK for the car and you are the registered keeper, we can scrap your vehicle quickly and easily. scrap car hackney is one of our main services across East London, proving to be very popular after the latest laws regarding the requirement of insurance on all vehicles, whether on the road or driveway.

If you have a scrap car you want to get rid of, contact our team today to find out how much we can pay for your scrap. Our scrap cars service operates across London, including scrap cars greenwich and scrap car bromley.