car scrap across Greenwich

Today one of our collection agents picked up a classic 1987 Mercedes SL from North Greenwich. Using our scrap car greenwich service, John rutherford got rid of his classic car and got paid for the privilege. A great shame the vehicle was damaged and only good for scrapping as its one of my all time favorite cars. This model was the v12 version, which could have been worth a great deal of money if it were maintained and in driveable condition.

Many customers assume that just because a vehicle has a few things wrong with it, it will still generate a big scrap cars payout. Unfortunately this isnt the case, as all we do is take the car to one of our DVLA approved yards and weigh it in as scrap metal. Regardless of location (even scrap cars dagenham) the condition of the vehicle makes no difference to the scrap payout.

If we are going to scrap cars in greenwich, or any other part of south east london (including scrap cars in lewisham), we will scrap them at our own yard, which means that we can afford to be realistic about the price we pay. Other agents dont do this, and overquote on the phone just to get out to you.

When getting a quote, ring around and make sure you scrap your car through an approved agent that knows the DVLA rules and regulations. We do, and thats why we are Londons biggest scrap car agent :-)

Scrapping cars in Essex

With 5 collection agents operating across Essex everyday, we collect scrap cars seven days per week, paying the highest cash sums on collection everytime. We have been scrapping cars in Essex for over 30 years, being fully registered with the DVLA and Essex County Council. To scrap your car through our service, you must be the registered keeper and you must present the V5 Log Book to our collection agent, ensuring it is correctly completed so that the DVLA can be notified of the cars scrap status.

No matter where in Essex you are (scrapping cars dagenham) we can arrange to have our agent come out and pay you cash to scrap your car. Simply contact our collection desk on 0203 405 1641 to arrange a date and time to collect your scrap car.

Scrapping cars for cash operate across the whole of London (including scrap car lewisham and scrap cars in hackney), offering the highest cash payouts for scrap cars in all 32 London boroughs.

Scrapping cars in Dagenham

We scrap cars in Dagenham, collecting scrap cars and paying the highest rates on collection. We have 3 scrap yards in Essex meaning we dont have to travel far to collect your scrap car, so we can pass the cost saving onto you.

No matter what condition your car is in, we can have it collected and scrapped quickly and easily, paying you for the privilege. Our scrap cars collection fleet consists of trucks with specialist lifting equipment, ensuring we can get into the most awkward of spaces and lift your scrap car to the back of our lorry.

To scrap a car in dagenham through our scrapping service, you must be able to present the Log Book and have it signed by the registered keeper to declare it as scrap. Without this we cannot accept your scrap car as we work strictly to UK Legislation, scrapping cars through the DVLA and local councils where necessary. To find out more about how we can collect your scrap cars in Dagenham (or our scrapping cars in essex service), and to arrange a collection time that suits you, simply call our collection desk on 07789648577 today to speak to one of our scrap advisors.

Scrapping cars for cash is a fully licensed scrap car agency, operating across the whole of London.

Scrapping cars in Ashford

We pay the highest cash sums for scrapping cars in Ashford, Kent. Because we have our own scrap yards all over Kent, our collection costs are lower than our competitors, allowing us to pass the cost saving onto our customers. Operating for over 30 years in the scrap metal trade, we are registered with the DVLA and Kent County Council. To scrap a car in Ashford using our service, you must be the registered keeper and have a copy of the Log Book with you. This is so that the log book can be completed and we can officially declare the car as scrapped, as per DVLA Requirements.

If you have a scrap car in Ashford that you want to get scrapped today, contact our team on 0203 405 1641 to get a quote and arrange a convenient collection time.
Scrapping cars for cash helped me get my driveway back after 4 months of my car sitting there. I got paid for it too which was quite nice!” – George Sullivan, Maidstone, Kent (Using our scrap car maidstone service)

UK Car Insurance doesnt cover you abroad

Each year thousands of Brit holiday goers drive around Europe as  a part of their annual holiday, saving money on expensive flights and accomodation. However, it was announced today that the money saving that holiday goers think they are doing actually may be costing them when their car insurance doesnt end up covering them for collissions outside of the UK. conducted research which found over a third of brits were of the view that their car insurance covered them including fully comprehensive cover abroad. In reality, the majority of car insurance companies reduce the level of cover to only third party status.

“A number of policies automatically downgrade as soon as you hit Continental soil,” warned Peter Harrison, car insurance expert for the website.

Before travelling, drivers are advised to check their policies and if required contact their insurance companies to ensure they have the required level of cover to ensure against losses. An accident anywhere is frustrating, but having an accident whilst on holiday in another country is extremely frustrating and could leave you looking for a car scrappage service in lewisham.

Before you think about scrapping a car, you may want to take at insurers like Marks & Spencer, the AA and Endsleigh. These companies all extend their domestic policies for up to 90 days in Europe, providing you give them notice of your destination and journey.  Others such as churchil and Direct Line will only cover you up to the minimum standard of the country you are visiting, which in most cases is third party.

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