Cataltyic Converters being scrapped

Catalytic Converters are all the rage these days, purely because of the precious metals used to create them. Unknown to little, catalytic converters contain metals such as paladium and platinum, all of which are highly valued metals.

Because of this content, many catalytic converters are sold as scrap for good cash amounts, as their recylcing value is quite high. As we scrap cars for cash, we get a lot of cars which have catalytic converters on them which we can recycle for cash. Many customers ask us how much we will pay for a scrap catalytic converter, but the problem is that we would only buy original cats and not after market ones (something which we cannot check over the phone).

On average, we scrap around 40-50 catalytic converters per week, depending on how many cars we collect and the market rate. For a medium size cat, we would pay around £80, but for a large cat, for example something off a truck or a range rover, we could pay anything up to £180.

The business of catalytic converters is quite lucrative for customers, providing you can find the right buyer. If you have a cat, give us a call and we cna give you a price and collection time  (if you are in london).