Scrapping a van

As well as cars, we also scrap vans for cash. Just like cars, vans are also involved in accidents, or simply run out of steam. We collect all manner of vans, including Transits, Sprinters, Short base and Long wheel base vans.

Depending on the size of the van and your location, we can pay up to £500 for your scrap van.  Scrap vans are few and far inbetween because of the value of the van, resulting in most getting them repaired, however we can collect vans using our special HIAB lorry which is equipped to carry up to 5 tonnes worth of weight.

If you have a van that you need to scrap for whatever reason, you can use our scrap cars for cash service.

Cars 2 Film Comes out to play

Although not directly related, a new film is out this week called Cars 2. The animation film is the follow up to the box office smash of Cars, which was released in 2006 by Disney Pixar Studios. The story tells of Lightning McQueen, a superstar racing car that realises life long values of friendship and loyalty.

In the sequal,  super star racer Lighting McQueen (voiced by owen wilson) goes to compete in a first edition world grand prix, however he hits a bit of a roadblock when his friend Mater gets caught up in some industrial espionage. Although not directly related to our scrap cars for cash service, a customer raised the subject yesterday which is cool for us given its related to our core business.



Check out the cars 2 trailer above, which is out officially this friday.