Scrap Cars

With over 22 million cars manufactured this year, the number of scrap cars on the roads is on the increase. As one of London’s largest scrap cars agencies, Scrapping Cars For Cash specialise in removing scrap cars from domestic locations and scrapping them, in line with the DVLA and UK Legislation.

Scrap cars can come in all shapes and sizes, and we have a variety of different collection trucks to ensure we can collect all of them quickly and easily to take them off of your hands.

Even if your scrap car doesn’t start or have wheels, we can send a collection truck with specialist lifting equipment ensuring we can still scrap it for you. To scrap cars for cash in the UK, the Log Book must be presented on collection and it must be completed by the registered owner of the car to be scrapped.

For more information on how to scrap your car for cash and our fast collection service (including scrap cars in bromley and scrap car greenwich), contact our collection desk on 0203 405 1641.