scrapping cars in hackney

Scrapping Cars in Hackney is an easy job for us, considering we have our own scrap yard in Stratford, East London. Today we collected a Fiat Punto from Hackney, paying out a handsome amount of CASH to the customer. The vehicle had been in a serious collision and was completely written off, so the customer was happy to get shot of it.

Providing you have the LOG BOOK for the car and you are the registered keeper, we can scrap your vehicle quickly and easily. scrap car hackney is one of our main services across East London, proving to be very popular after the latest laws regarding the requirement of insurance on all vehicles, whether on the road or driveway.

If you have a scrap car you want to get rid of, contact our team today to find out how much we can pay for your scrap. Our scrap cars service operates across London, including scrap cars greenwich and scrap car bromley.